Investment Management & Retirement Planning Services

Crosspoint Wealth Advisors have a disciplined and responsive process to help individuals, families, and institutional clients manage their investments in a manner that is suitable for their circumstances and objectives. Our advisors begin by helping their clients gain clarity about their financial circumstances, objectives, time horizon and risk tolerance.

Investment Management 

Your money deserves full-time professional advice. The advisors at Crosspoint Wealth Advisors LLC can guide you through the maze of complex investment issues and wide variety of investment options.

The Crosspoint Wealth Advisors Investment Management Process

  1. We start with you. Our advisors must have clarity about your financial circumstances, time horizon, risk tolerance, values, and your personal and investment objectives.  
  2. Strategic Asset Allocation. We believe no other factor will have as much influence on your investment results. Choosing what percentage of your assets to put in different assets classes (such as equities, fixed income, international, real estate, and hedges) may have a greater impact on the variability of portfolio returns than either market timing or the selection of individual investments. CWA uses a sophisticated multi-tiered approach to asset allocation. This degree of diversification may prove effective as a strategy and may reduce risk and enhance returns.*
  3. Manager / Security Selection. We rely upon our access to extensive 3rd party resources and our own proprietary research. Our advisors have a sophisticated multi-step approach to selecting investment managers, mutual funds, and individual securities.  
  4. Tactical Adjustments. Our advisors are not “market timers” and they don’t have a crystal ball. At times they recognize potential market risks and market opportunities and may recommend adjustments to the strategic allocation. For example, when interest rates are low and expected to rise, they may be able to reduce interest rate risk by allocating to shorter duration bonds and other alternatives.


Retirement Income Planning

We live in interesting times. Our country is in the midst of an unprecedented transfer of wealth, from the so-called “greatest generation” as chronicled in the Tom Brokaw book, to the generation of the “baby boomers.” At this same time, baby boomers are starting to reach retirement age in record numbers. As these individuals approach this critical time in their lives, our comprehensive financial planners' charge is both to educate and to advise.

The retirement income planning process is focused on delivering the desired amount of income from the retirement investments while continuing to provide for growth of the assets. This result must be achieved through an integrated approach which considers all facets of the retirement plan: Social Security, Medicare, income taxes, long-term care and other insurance, pension income, part-time employment, projected inheritance, and an overall estate plan which might include charitable giving. Many of these topics represent unfamiliar ground, and therefore possible anxiety, for the individual contemplating retirement within the near future. 

Our advisors provide a comprehensive review and analysis of our clients’ current financial situation, retirement timeline, and other relevant factors. The plan’s desired result is an income strategy that accommodates our clients’ lifestyle demands while providing the growth necessary to continue that lifestyle into the foreseeable future. Our advisors also help our clients enter retirement with updated testamentary documents and adequate life, health, and long-term care insurance.


*Diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss.