Estate, Legacy, Charitable, & Stewardship Planning

Wealth Transfer and Business Succession Planning

The estate planning industry puts a lot of focus on the preparation of complex legal documents and the avoidance of estate taxes. These are very important issues, but there is much more to a great estate plan than documents and tax avoidance.

Our advisors take a holistic and integrated approach to wealth management. Every financial decision we make during life has implications to the financial outcomes we will experience during our lifetimes, the outcomes of our estate plan, and the shape of the legacy we will leave behind.

Our advisors approach financial planning, estate planning etc., like a skilled architect would approach a building project. With the resources that our client has at their disposal, they develop creative renderings of what might be created. They may bring visions of future outcomes that our client had not yet imagined. Once our clients become clear about the future they want to pursue, our advisors along with other professional advisors begin the building process, employing the processes, tools and strategies that can lead to the desired results.

Family circumstances change over time. The rules, tools, and techniques of estate planning are also changing. Without a thoughtful and effective plan, and periodic updates, a lifetime of successful planning can miss the mark badly. Our advisors are problem solvers and team players. They work creatively with their clients' other advisors to help the clients finish well.   


Charitable Planning / Philanthropic Planning

Relatively few of our clients initially identify “charitable planning” as a high priority. Yet many of our clients discover that integrating charitable planning into their financial plan and estate plan may be a key to achieving the highest level of success, satisfaction, and significance. 

Our tax laws provide very significant tax and financial incentives to individuals who will voluntarily arrange their financial plans and estate plans to provide current or future benefits to qualified charities. Clients who own large estates, appreciated assets, or who have other unique circumstances (large IRA’s, etc.) may often dramatically reduce taxes, maintain or increase their personal financial security, increase and better structure benefits for their heirs, and dramatically increase the benefits they provide to their church, and to other worthwhile charitable organizations in their community and around the world.

Tax services are not offered through or supervised by Lincoln Investment or Capital Analysts.

Philanthropic planning is not for everyone, but many financially successful clients can produce the greatest possible benefits for themselves and their family by including charity in their financial and estate plans.  

Stewardship Planning / Faith Based Planning

In our experience, the word stewardship means dramatically different things to different people. We find that the word and the concept can take on a dramatically different meaning to the same person, at different stages of their lives. Stewardship can be simply defined as “the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one's care.”   

We seek to meet our clients where they are. The idea of integrating personal faith and personal finances may be seem like a strange or radical idea to some. Others may not be able to think of one, without thinking of the other.